The Old Church

Originally Built in Italy, Texas, 1895

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Originally located in Ennis, Texas, this charming two-story Victorian house has been fully refurbished, refreshed and repurposed by skilled craftsmen who have lovingly returned it to its original glory and beyond. The house boasts many finely crafted features such as a full length veranda, fine wood work, hardwood floors, a hand crafted staircase, high-peaked gables, finials and many more stately embellishments.



The Old Church


The Old Church, once known as The First Christian Church located at 319 Poplar Street in Italy, Texas, is an example of fine craftsmanship and architecture popular in 1890 when the church was founded.

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The Old Church

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Built in 1890

A news article published in Italy News Herald on its Fiftieth Anniversary, Dec. 15, 1939, stated, “The First Christian Church of Italy will be celebrating its fiftieth birthday next year. The Church has been serving the community in one way or another since 1890. However, according to other records, the group that formed the church began functioning as an organized body of worshipers as far back as 1875. At that time they met in the old community school house known as the “Buttermilk School House.” It was used as a school all week and served as a church meeting place for various denominations on Sunday.

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When the South Italy school house was built the congregation carried on its work there and in 1890, transferred its activities to the building in Italy, Texas that has now been relocated to Founders Row in Midlothian, Texas. The building was completed the following year in 1891, and at that time, the church took the name, The First Christian Church of Italy, and was been known by that name until it moved to Founders Row and was shortened to The Old Church. Names of the original charter members include: the John Couch family, the Jim Couch family, the George Stroud family, the S. M. Dunlap family, the George Hamlett family, the Will Jennings family, the Willis Pruitt family, the Dr. A. B. Robuck family, the H. A. Erwin family and the Tom Johns family.

Source: Ellis County TXGenWeb. All Rights Reserved.

The tenant in The Old Church is

Wilson’s Seafood

Fresh Seafood and Cocktails

Wilson’s Seafood has its roots in the heritage of the late David C. Wilson, a renowned foodie and founder of David’s Seafood in Cedar Hill. Wilson’s Seafood will continue his legacy by serving the community and the delicious fare for which he was will known for.

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